Kessel does not quit; Penguins Knot Conference Finals Series (1-1)

It took 113 minutes and 5 seconds for the Pittsburgh Penguins to get their first goal against the Ottawa Senators in the NHL Conference Finals of the #StanleyCup playoffs. Frustrated for not being able to capitalize despite being doorstep for a number of scoring opportunities, a swift move by Evgeni Malkin to win the zone while maintaining puck control allowed him to send a quick pass to Kessel who’s initial shot was deflected off the defenseman and landed back on his stick for the game-winning shot and goal. The Penguins dominated the Ottawa Senators in the third period, preventing them from taking a shot and forechecking their puck movement in the neutral zone. The Kessel goal was sweet payoff for the Penguins who were more desperate not to leave Pittsburgh with a 2 game deficit.

The series moves to Ottawa on Wednesday. Don’t expect a lot of goals, but expect a lot of entertainment and big crunching hits. The Penguins will try to remain patient to continue their success. Need to watch it again:

PensPoints Extra Points

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Let’s Go Pens!