Helium Hotspot LoRa Antenna Upgrades

Which antenna do I need?

For anyone with a Helium Hotspot miner, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what antenna should I use?

It depends…

Higher gain antennas can travel farther but it also focuses the signal tighter. The amount of power the antenna receives does not change, it’s simply focusing the antenna. Think about changing the light coming from a flashlight, you can have a loose beam or a more focused beam.

Antenna Gain Example
  • Urban: No Antenna – If you are in a densely populated area with a lot of other Helium Hotspots in your area, you may be fine sticking with the stock antenna that comes with your hotspot miner.
  • Suburban: 5.8-6 dbi Antenna – If you are farther away and have hilly terrain, you may consider slightly higher gain without losing to much width.
  • Less Dense/Rural: 8dbi Antenna – If you don’t have a lot of nearby hexes with hotspots in them and you have a flat or good line of site from your location, then you can consider the higher dbi antennas.