PensPoints Rewards

PensPoints 2017-2018 Season

View the latest redemption offers within the PensPoints feature of the official Penguins app. Rewards, availability and redemption costs and requirements are subject to change at any time and are at the full discretion of the Pittsburgh Penguins and their promoters.

Penguins Poster (1000 points)

Mens Penguins T-Shirt (1500 points)

Ladies Penguins T-Shirt (1500 points)

Penguins Tumbler (1500 points)

Mens Penguins Long Sleeve T-Shirt (2000 points)

Ladies Penguins Long Sleeve T-Shirt (2000 points)

Baseball Cap (2000 points)

Autographed Puck (3500 points)

Penguins Jacket (5000 points)

Penguins Adidas Authentic Jersey (7500 points)